Jodie Hlavachek, MPH, LADC, CPGC

Clinical Director at The Differents

More About Jodie

Jodie has been working in the field of addiction treatment for approximately four years and is extremely passionate about her work. She is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and certified problem gambling counselor. She has a master’s degree in public health, where she focused primarily on substance misuse and addiction issues. Jodie also has an advanced graduate certificate in addiction treatment and prevention. Additionally, she trained in both Yoga and Ayurveda, an ancient form of Holistic Healing. She has obtained certifications as an Ayurveda Health Educator (AHE) and Certified Yoga Teacher (YTT-200). Jodie incorporates these practices into her treatment, to help clients find a truly holistic approach to their recovery. Mindfulness cultivation, healthy lifestyle routine development, thought observation, and acceptance and curiosity of impermanent emotional states are utilized and blended with more traditional clinical treatment approaches. Jodie believes it is necessary to treat the underlying root causes of why an individual progresses into an addictive cycle, so takes a client-centered approach to assist with self-examination and discovery.

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