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Addiction is a complex problem, and approaches to rehab have evolved considerably in recent years. At The Differents, we offer integrated care and innovative approaches with emerging technologies to help individuals find meaningful life beyond addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you might feel lost as to what to do. We want you to know there is hope, and there are solutions.

However, there are several approaches to drug and alcohol rehab that are no longer considered effective. We want to identify some of these outdated approaches first, then share how we offer a new kind of rehab that leads to more successful outcomes.

Outdated approach #1: Cold turkey detox

This involves abruptly stopping drug or alcohol use without any medical assistance or support. This approach can be dangerous and ineffective, as withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even life-threatening.

Outdated approach #2: Confrontational interventions

Interventions were once thought to be lifesaving actions, and, even if you have never participated in one, you have probably seen them depicted in movies or TV. This approach involves confronting the individual about their addiction, often with family members and friends sharing how hurt they have been in the process.

However, this approach is no longer recommended as it can often lead to feelings of anger and defensiveness in the person at the center of the intervention, which can make it harder for that individual to want to get help. There’s also a sort of catch-22 with interventions. They only work if an individual desires to get sober, but if they desire to get sober then they don’t need the intervention.

Outdated approach #3: Boot camp-style programs

These programs involve strict and often harsh discipline and punishment for drug and alcohol use. While they may work for some people, they can also be traumatizing and have negative long-term effects on mental health and self-esteem, especially in teenagers and young adults. Addiction is punishment enough, and those suffering from it don’t need additional pain.

Outdated approach #4: One-size-fits-all treatment plans

Treatment plans that do not take into account an individual’s unique needs and circumstances are often not effective. Everyone’s journey to recovery is different, and treatment plans must be tailored to meet the specific needs of each person. Because of this, it’s necessary to truly get to know the person struggling with addiction so that an effective treatment plan can be designed.

Outdated approach #5: Outpatient-only treatment

While outpatient treatment can be effective for some individuals, it may not be enough for those with more severe addictions. In this case, inpatient or residential treatment may be necessary for people with more complex or severe addiction issues.

What Makes Us Different

We have created a recovery habitat where people are treated like people. Our holistic approach takes into account the internal and external causes of addiction, with treatment plans that are customized to each individual. Here are some of the key features of our approach:

Withdrawal Management, Not Cold Turkey

As opposed to the cold turkey method, we offer a concierge detox program that helps manage withdrawal symptoms in a safe, comfortable environment. There isn’t a cold, sterile detox room on our property, and our clinicians are selective in their use of pharmaceuticals. We do whatever we can to ensure that those in our care are able to rest and get the appropriate pharmacological, nutritional, and relational support.

Human Connection, Not Intervention

At The Differents, we do not engage in confrontational or boot camp-style “tough love”. Our approach emphasizes the role of human connection because we’re all seeking to feel seen and heard, especially through the difficult times. Shame, guilt, and fear are not effective motivators for change.

Addiction, research shows, is not purely a matter of the will. There are a host of contributing factors that lead people to turn to drugs or alcohol. Our approach is to treat the whole person, identifying contributing factors to addiction, including underlying medical issues. We also teach individuals to identify their body’s patterns and sensations because “If you can’t recognize it, you can’t change it.”

Personalized Treatment Plans

Since there is no one-size-fits all recovery program, we focus on identifying individual needs to create plans that are specially designed for each person. We engage in collaborative healing, involving those in recovery in designing their treatment plans. This is possible because we provide a 1:3 staff:client ratio, so individuals get the personalized care they need.

Residential Inpatient Living

And because certain individuals need inpatient, residential living to detox and reset their minds, bodies, and souls, we offer luxury, private accommodations surrounded by natural beauty.

While staying with us, we help individuals reignite their passion, renew their bodies, and rediscover their purpose. While engaging in our treatment programs, we foster creative and spiritual exploration, helping people find who they really are, even if it’s been buried deep down. This process helps kickstart a new life beyond addiction.


Our work doesn’t end when a person leaves our treatment center. We also extend our care beyond rehab. We’re there on the other side, helping keep people from falling into old habits, assisting in finding jobs, getting connected, and establishing new rhythms of life. In other words, we help people find lives of purpose and meaning. Because, when it comes to recovery, it’s not about what you’re running from, it’s what you’re running towards.

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