Hometown Health Drug Rehab Coverage

The Differents is a drug rehab in Nevada that accepts Hometown Health insurance. Learn more about our comprehensive programs.

Hometown Health
Drug Rehab Coverage

Are you looking for Hometown Health drug rehab coverage? Hometown Health is a regional health insurance company in Nevada. The company offers coverage for different services, including, in some cases, addiction treatment. Hometown Health Insurance offers individual and family coverage, employer-sponsored plans, and other types of plans like Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs).

The Differents is a drug rehab center that accepts Hometown Health. We are an addiction treatment center in Nevada, and as a Hometown Health in-network drug rehab center, you may be able to receive treatment with reduced out-of-pocket expenses.

Can You Use Insurance to Pay for Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

You can often use your insurance to pay for addiction treatment, although it depends on factors like your specific plan and the type of treatment you’re seeking. Many insurance plans, including ones offered by Hometown Health, provide addiction treatment coverage.

The benefits of using Hometown Health drug rehab coverage include:

  • Your financial burden is reduced. Addiction treatment can be expensive, especially for long-term care or inpatient programs. Insurance can offset some or most of the expenses.
  • Whether it’s Hometown Health drug rehab coverage or insurance coverage from another company, insurance coverage can provide access to higher-quality services. You might not otherwise be able to afford these services, such as comprehensive programs with evidence-based therapies and access to medical care.
  • Ongoing or follow-up care may be covered by insurance after completing a rehab program. Continuity of care is essential to prevent relapse and maintain your sobriety.
  • Knowing your treatment for addiction is covered by insurance can give you peace of mind during what’s otherwise a stressful time.

The process of using insurance to pay for rehab can involve steps such as:

  • Coverage verification: An individual or their treatment provider can contact their insurer to verify addiction treatment coverage. This will involve providing information about the individual’s insurance plan and specific services they will receive.
  • Pre-authorization: Some treatments may require pre-authorization from the insurer before treatment. The treatment provider may submit documents that outline the medical necessity of the treatment.
  • Cost determination: Once coverage is verified, the insurance company provides details about out-of-pocket costs, such as copayments or deductibles, for which the individual may be responsible.
  • Treatment planning: Based on the coverage and treatment needs of the individual, a plan is developed in collaboration with the rehab facility.
  • Billing and reimbursement: A treatment facility bills the insurance company for services provided according to the agreed-on treatment plan. The insurer then reimburses the rehab facility for covered services, and the individual might have to pay the remaining costs based on their plan.

The Differents is a Hometown Health drug and alcohol rehab, and we can help verify insurance coverage and coordinate with the company on your behalf. You can also contact the company directly or review your plan details, including the summary of benefits and coverage.

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Hometown Health Coverage for
Detox Services

Hometown Health insurance may offer withdrawal and detox services coverage as part of addiction treatment benefits. Withdrawal management is also known as detoxification or detox. It’s a first step in addiction treatment if you’re physically dependent on alcohol or drugs.

Hometown Health drug rehab coverage may include different types of detox services, including supervised detox in an inpatient setting, outpatient detox and detox medications.

Inpatient Hometown Health
Insurance Coverage

Using Hometown Health insurance coverage for an inpatient drug rehab program can provide you with significant financial help.

Your insurance might cover a range of inpatient services, including room and board, medical care, individual and group therapy and medication management.

There may be limitations on the duration of inpatient treatment covered. The length of an inpatient stay your insurance company will authorize can depend on your clinical needs, the terms of your insurance plan and the progress you make in treatment.

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Outpatient Services Covered By
Hometown Health

Outpatient services may be covered by Hometown Health insurance as well. Outpatient care provides flexibility in receiving treatment while you continue your daily life. Some of the types of outpatient care that your insurance might cover include:

  • Outpatient counseling and therapy to address issues related to substance abuse and mental health.
  • Intensive outpatient programs are structured and involve multiple therapy sessions a week. An intensive outpatient program in Reno at The Differens can include relapse prevention, psychoeducation and coping skills training. They’re a good fit if you need more support than regular outpatient therapy but not necessarily 24-hour supervision.
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) include comprehensive day treatment and the ability to return home in the evenings. A PHP might include medication management, therapy and other therapeutic services.
  • Medication-assisted treatment uses medications along with behavioral therapies and counseling for the treatment of addiction disorders.  

The Differents is a luxury drug rehab in Nevada that can accept Hometown Health drug rehab coverage.

Therapies and Treatments Covered By Insurance

Hometown Health might cover a range of specific therapies and medication-assisted treatments, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy is provided by licensed counselors or therapists.
  • Motivational Interviewing is a counseling approach to help you explore and resolve your ambivalence about making positive changes in your behavior.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy combines CBT with mindfulness.
  • Medication-assisted treatments include methadone, Suboxone and Naltrexone.
  • Individual and group therapy is tailored to address substance use disorders and mental health issues. These could include family therapy, psychodynamic therapy or experiential therapy.

Dual diagnosis treatment is frequently included in coverage from Hometown Health as well. Dual diagnosis treatment is an effective and evidence-based way to treat substance abuse and psychiatric disorders at the same time.

Your insurance might cover:

  • A comprehensive assessment to evaluate concerns regarding both substance use and mental health. This assessment determines the appropriate treatment plan.
  • Integrated treatment plans, including therapy, support groups and medication management.
  • Therapeutic interventions like CBT, DBT and trauma-informed therapy.

We offer dual diagnosis treatment in Nevada at The Differents, as part of our integrated, comprehensive care approach. 

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Working with a Drug Rehab Center That Accepts Hometown Health

Going to a rehab center in-network with your insurance can lower out-of-pocket costs for you. Your insurance plan negotiates rates with in-network providers, often lower than what you’d pay if you went to an out-of-network facility.

You can be confident the services you receive at an in-network facility will be covered by your plan because an in-network provider has agreed to accept the payment terms of the insurance company and follow their coverage guidelines.

Going in-network can simplify billing because the provider will usually handle this directly with the insurer.

In-network providers may have established relationships with other healthcare professionals and resources within the network, allowing them to better coordinate your care.

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The Differents Is a Hometown Health
In-Network Drug Rehab

At The Differents, we provide a variety of care levels to help you overcome addiction and manage co-occurring disorders. We are in-network with Hometown Health, and we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our addiction treatment center in Nevada and how we can help you.