Addiction Treatment in Nevada

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range and within minutes to breathtaking Lake Tahoe, we offer integrated care and innovative approaches with emerging technologies to help individuals find meaningful life beyond addiction.

Addiction Treatment in Nevada

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevadas and within minutes to breathtaking Lake Tahoe, we offer integrated care and innovative approaches with emerging technologies to help individuals find meaningful life beyond addiction.

Why Choose Us?

At The Differents, we understand that addiction is a complex and deeply personal struggle. We approach each individual with compassion, recognizing the uniqueness of their experiences and the hurdles they face. Our innovative and holistic approach combines evidence-based therapies with immersive experiences and cutting-edge technologies, providing a comprehensive foundation for healing.

One of the cornerstones of our program is our integrated care model, which combines medical, psychological, and spiritual elements to address addiction on all levels. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals work together seamlessly to provide personalized treatment plans, tailored to the specific needs of each individual. We believe that true recovery encompasses not only the body, but also the mind and soul.

Nevada Addiction Treatment Services

Imagine starting your day with a breathtaking view of Lake Tahoe, the pristine waters shimmering in the morning sun. As the day unfolds, you will engage in a variety of therapeutic modalities, carefully curated to foster self-discovery and personal growth. Our peaceful surroundings serve as the backdrop to transformative group therapy sessions, where you will connect with others who have walked a similar path, forging friendships rooted in empathy and understanding.

In addition to traditional therapies, we embrace the power of innovation in our quest to help you overcome addiction. Our state-of-the-art neurofeedback technology allows us to tap into the intricacies of your brain, empowering you to gain insights into your patterns of thought and behavior. Through the exploration of your neural pathways, you will rediscover your inherent ability to break free from the chains of addiction and embrace a life of authenticity.

There is a solution.
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What to Expect from Our Nevada Treatment Center

We also recognize the importance of nourishing your physical well-being during your recovery journey. Our team of experienced nutritionists and chefs work together to create a menu of nutritious and delicious meals, designed to fuel your body and support your healing process. We believe that optimum physical health is the foundation upon which true transformation can occur.

At our drug rehab in Reno, we go beyond traditional addiction treatment by offering a range of exceptional experiences to enhance your recovery journey. From equine therapy, where you will develop a deep bond with our gentle and intuitive horses, to adventure therapy, where you will challenge yourself and discover your inner strength, each experience is designed to awaken your spirit and ignite your passion for life.

Our Unique Facility

As the sun sets over the majestic Sierra Nevadas, you will find solace in our serene meditation gardens. Here, you will learn powerful mindfulness techniques that will serve as an anchor to cultivate inner peace and self-awareness. Through mindful reflection and introspection, you will unlock your untapped potential and uncover the path that leads to a meaningful life beyond addiction.

Addiction Treatment Designed for the Whole Person

Infusion Therapy

Your body needs to rejuvenate as you travel on your recovery journey. Our customized Infusion Therapy Program gives your body the nutrients needed to feel better.

Skill Development

We help develop new skill sets to apply to life in recovery. From managing daily goals to learning a new hobby, here at The Differents you will have a life changing experience.

Mind, body & soul

We offer private, holistic-based therapeutic sessions like massage, acupuncture, and meditation to rejuvenate and refresh your whole being; body, mind and spirit.

On-site activities

We provide recreational activities at our treatment center to keep your mind and body engaged, active, and healthy. Recovery should be about enjoying life!

Mental Wellness

We utilize evidence-based practices to boost your mental health, including family therapy, trauma therapy, TMS, virtual reality, CBT, and EMDR.

Outdoor Activities

Breathtaking Mount Rose and Lake Tahoe are only 15 minutes away, meaning you will enjoy hikes, fishing, kayaking and more when you choose The Differents.

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An Individualized Experience

The 1:3 staff:client ratio at our drug rehab in Nevada optimizes safe, individualized, and quality care, leading to successful outcomes. And our ongoing, post-treatment aftercare program leads to sustainable recovery.

Why Choose The Differents' Addiction Treatment Center in Nevada

At The Differents, we believe that each person possesses the inherent strength and resilience needed to overcome addiction. Our program is designed to empower you, to awaken your spirit, and to guide you towards a life of wholeness and purpose. Let us be your guiding light in this transformative journey towards recovery. Together, we will embrace the beauty of the present moment, and embark on a path of healing, growth, and limitless possibilities. Welcome to our dual diagnosis treatment center in Nevada, where your journey towards a brighter future begins.

It’s time to feel alive again.