Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

The Differents offers an extensive range of addiction treatment options. Contact us to learn how we can help Cigna policyholders start their recovery journey.

Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

When you need help with addiction, it’s important to get personalized treatment from professionals who care. At The Differents, we believe in “rehab reimagined” because we recognize that many people who go to drug rehab often leave feeling disappointed, and so we wanted to create an immersive and transformative experience unlike anything else in the drug rehab world.

Recovery should not feel like a punishment.

Our facility is co-ed and judgment-free. We offer varying levels of care, from PHP and IOP to managing withdrawal symptoms. You’ll also find many different therapy options at our Reno/Tahoe-based facility. 

Cigna drug rehab coverage could partially or fully cover your stay for dual diagnosis, IV infusion, or other services we can provide to help you overcome addiction and stay sober. We have one staff member for every three patients, so we can focus more on your individual needs and make time to help.

If you want a treatment center like no other, you’ve come to the right place. We offer privacy, luxury, and a staff with experience overcoming addiction. If you or someone you care about needs a treatment center that cares, call The Differents now at 844-407-0461.

There is a solution.
There is hope.
There is The Differents.

Choose a Drug Rehab Center That Accepts Cigna Insurance

Our staff at The Differents believes in cultivating creativity and providing personalized care during your recovery. One of the best ways for us to help you is with long-term care. This allows us to work closely with you and truly discover the best methods and therapies to aid you on your recovery journey.

We know that long-term treatment can get expensive, which is why we prioritize accepting widespread insurance providers like Cigna. We are proud members of Cigna in-network drug rehab.

By coming to our facility as an in-network provider, your insurance could help or completely cover your treatment. Not only can this help you financially, but it can ease the stress that comes with finding the help you need.

We are here to make a difference. Request a confidential callback from our team right now.

The Differents Offers Cigna In-Network Drug Rehab Services

When you need help with your addiction, or want a little help staying sober after recovery, you can count on our staff. The Differents is a luxurious space to help aid your healing and encourage your creativity. We utilize many treatment options to help patients on the journey to recovery.

Knowing that overcoming addiction is a complex process, our addiction treatment center in Nevada has a different approach. We offer intervention services to patients who perhaps need help realizing they need help. We also provide inpatient or outpatient treatment to different degrees. Our treatment methods can also include:

  • Partial hospitalization
  • Managing withdrawal symptoms
  • Sober living
  • Medication-assisted treatment

Our team also understands that first responders can also need help with recovery, and we incorporate family therapy as necessary. Whatever the case, The Differents is a drug rehab center that accepts Cigna insurance. We believe everyone should have access to the help they need, and we seek to collaborate with your insurance to offer that care.

That’s why the goal of our mission is to provide sustainable growth and recovery that will give you a satisfying life beyond our walls. It’s our goal to empower you and make sure that you can continue to overcome your addiction long after you’ve left drug rehab.

Our Options for
Cigna Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Because we have experience with addiction and recovery, we understand that each patient is unique with different needs. Three of our treatment programs are partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient rehab.

With partial hospitalization, or PHP, you can look forward to holistic care that seeks to empower and encourage you in your life. We’ll begin your PHP by understanding the factors that affect your addiction. This can help us create a personalized treatment plan that will be more effective for you.

You might do better with confidence-based exercises or dialectical behavioral therapy. We’ll also focus on aftercare, because we know there are cravings that can occur or triggers in everyday life. It’s our goal with a partial hospitalization program to help you and minimize the chances of a relapse after you’re healthy.

In some cases, you might have too many responsibilities or be in a position where you can’t come to the facility. That’s why we offer outpatient rehab, which is also recommended after you’ve gone through a program to detox. 

In our efforts to help everyone through varying levels of addiction recovery, we also offer an intensive outpatient program. This gives you a safe, private space that will support you and look at the main reasons that cause your addiction to better understand it.

Knowing the root causes can sometimes help to identify the best coping methods. You might even do best with medication-assisted treatment, but our goal is to cultivate your creativity while making a personalized treatment plan that works for you.

We are here to help.

Does Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage Include Dual Diagnosis Care?

When it comes to addiction recovery and treatment, it’s important to know “the why” in order to treat your addiction and help prevent a relapse in the future.

This is essentially what dual diagnosis treatment is. Our experienced staff will use state-of-the-art treatment methods to uncover and identify mental health disorders while helping you through your substance abuse disorder (because the two often go hand-in-hand).

Many dual-diagnosis treatments have Aetna drug rehab coverage, among other insurance providers, that will partially cover your recovery. If you or a loved one needs dual-diagnosis treatment in Nevada, get in touch with The Differents to learn more about Cigna drug rehab coverage.

Offering Therapies Supported by Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

When you come to The Differents for help on your recovery journey, we’ll provide rehab reimagined. That means taking a different approach to your needs with personalized and genuine care. Cigna drug rehab coverage can include many therapy options that The Differents offers, such as:

  • Dual-diagnosis: We want to understand and treat any mental health disorders taking place along with your substance abuse.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT: We’ll help you with coping mechanisms that you can use well beyond the completion of your program.
  • Medication-assisted treatment: This might include different medicines or IV infusions to support you on your path to recovery and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

Call The Differents for
Cigna Drug Rehab Near You

With so many treatment facilities, it’s important to know there’s one that has a unique approach to your path of addiction recovery. The Differents has an experienced staff and luxury therapies to help. We offer these methods at different levels of care because we know that each patient is different.

There are many services provided by The Differents that might have Cigna drug rehab coverage to ease the financial burden of long-term treatment. If you or someone you know needs an intervention or help on the recovery journey, call The Differents now at 844-407-0461 or contact us online.