Our Philosophy

We offer an innovative approach to drug and alcohol treatment.

Our Mission

A New Approach to Rehab

When it comes to recovery, the sad reality is that failure rates are astronomical. Statistically speaking, for every 100 people who check into rehab, 95 will return.

We don’t claim to have a guaranteed cure, but we adhere to several key principles that lead to successful outcomes.

Holistic Care

Addiction, research shows, is not an isolated issue. So our approach is to treat the whole person, identifying contributing factors to addiction, including underlying medical issues. We also teach individuals to identify their body’s patterns and sensations because “if you can’t recognize it, you can’t change it.”

Empowering Clinicians

We unshackle the clinicians who are providing the care, and have created a recovery habitat where people are treated like people. There isn’t a cold, sterile detox room on our property, and our clinicians are effective in their use of pharmaceuticals. We also engage in collaborative healing, involving those in recovery in designing their treatment plans. This is possible because we provide a 1:3 staff:client ratio, as opposed to the paltry industry standard of approximately 1:10.

Rooted in Human Connection

Our approach also emphasizes the role of human connection, which matters greatly when overcoming addiction. This is why we have chosen to spell our name “The Differents” as opposed to “The Difference”, because it’s about the people joining together to help you find life on the other side of addiction.

Discover Meaning

Whose story am I really living? This is a question we rarely ask ourselves—if ever—but it might be the most important one. Whose vision for our lives are we pursuing? Ours, or someone else’s? A lot of us have discovered that the pressure to live under the weight of our personas is too much, and we collapse. But that’s when we can discover something better on the other side.

Finding meaning in life is a subjective experience. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. We can’t be told what it is—we have to discover it for ourselves. Getting clean is only the beginning. But then what? It’s not about what we’re running from, especially addiction. It’s about what we’re running towards. What is the meaning of your life? Whose story are you going to start living? Those are the real questions. And they’re the ones we are here to help answer.

Life After Rehab

Life on the other side of rehab has to be different, or the past will find its way back. We extend our care beyond rehab, helping keep people from falling into old habits, assisting in finding jobs, getting connected, and establishing new rhythms of life.

See how a new perspective can transform your life.