Medication-Assisted Treatment in Reno

We offer medication-assisted treatment to support clients seeking to overcome substance abuse.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Nevada

At The Differents, we offer medication-assisted treatment in Nevada to support clients in their recovery journey. Medication-assisted treatment is an evidence-based approach that can help you or someone else in your life overcome addiction. If this is your first time hearing about or considering medication-assisted treatment, you might have questions about your options and how they can help. 

The Differents is a Reno substance abuse treatment program that offers comprehensive medication-assisted treatment. Contact the admissions team at our drug rehab in Reno to learn more about treatment.

Understanding Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Multiple medications are FDA-approved to treat addiction. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) refers to the use of these medications, combined with therapy and other treatments, for substance use disorders. 

MAT comes in different forms. If you experience Alcohol Use Disorder or Opioid Use Disorder, medication-assisted addiction treatment may benefit your recovery.

Medications for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) work in different ways. For example, medications may block the favorable effects of alcohol use to help you alleviate cravings, or they may lead to unfavorable physical reactions, like nausea, in the case that a person does drink alcohol. 

Any of the following medications can be prescribed to help address alcohol addiction. 

  • Disulfiram 
  • Naltrexone
  • Acamprosate 

Medication-assisted treatment for AUD can be used in the short or long term. Some medications for AUD come in more than one form. For example, Naltrexone can be taken orally but is also available as an injection.

Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) block the euphoric effects of Opioid drugs, relieve cravings, and normalize your body functions and brain chemistry. Like those used for AUD, these medications are effective and safe in both the short and long term. 

Some of the most common medications for OUD include:

  • Buprenorphine
  • Methadone 
  • Naltrexone

You may hear other names used for these medications. For example, Buprenorphine is also known as Suboxone.

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Benefits of Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment

If you’re looking for addiction care in Nevada, MAT might assist your recovery for a variety of reasons. Benefits of medication-assisted addiction treatment include but are not limited to the following. If you have questions about the role of MAT in substance abuse treatment or how our comprehensive programs can help you overcome addiction, give The Differents a call today.

One of the primary uses of medication-assisted treatment is relapse prevention. Extensive research on substance use disorders, including both OUD and AUD, shows that the use of MAT reduces your risk of relapse substantially.

When MAT is combined with behavioral therapy and related services, your likelihood of staying sober increases even more. That is exactly what our treatment programs aim to do: Address addiction from a whole-person perspective with a combination of evidence-based treatments. 

Substance use disorders are among the most deadly mental health conditions. With a greater likelihood of sobriety, medication-assisted therapy or treatment can lower your mortality risk.

Withdrawals can be uncomfortable and are even dangerous in some instances. During the withdrawal process, many people are more prone to relapse. For many people, attending a medical detox program is the first step to recovery because it allows you to get off of drugs and alcohol safely with medical support. 

Since one of the potential roles of MAT is to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, it is sometimes first prescribed to clients when they’re in a detox program. However, you can continue getting medication-assisted treatment in Nevada at any of our care levels. You might also choose to continue MAT after treatment as part of your relapse prevention plan.

Medication-assisted addiction treatment is associated with a higher likelihood of treatment retention. In other words, using MAT as part of your addiction treatment program increases your chances of staying in and completing the program. 

You have a say in whether or not you use MAT or for how long you use it. Our staff members will go over your options for medication-assisted treatment in Nevada with you and help you discover what works best for you.

Research shows that medication-assisted treatment can help you prevent negative health and safety outcomes by lowering your risk of relapse. For example, reduced relapse risk lowers your likelihood of contracting HIV or Hepatitis C. 

Since concerns like AUD are linked to increased rates of injury and illness, it’s also relevant to note that getting sober reduces your chances of liver, kidney, and heart disease, car accidents, and other negative health and safety outcomes linked to the condition. 

Clients getting medication-assisted treatment in Nevada through our programs often do so to prevent health effects alongside other advantages.

Addiction is heavily connected to legal problems. For example, drug possession, motor vehicle accidents, drunk driving, and stealing may all lead to incarceration, court-ordered rehab, loss of child custody, and other negative outcomes. 

The more legal problems you face, the more challenging it is to avoid serious consequences like incarceration. When medication-assisted addiction treatment helps you preserve your sobriety, you face a lowered risk of criminal activity and charges.  

The Differents can help clients with pending legal issues. We’re happy to provide legal advocacy and request an interstate compact if necessary. Our staff members have succeeded in keeping clients out of jail and postponing court dates.

Employment or staying employed are two major goals for many people with substance use disorders. Medication-assisted treatment can help you get and stay employed because it promotes lasting recovery and helps you manage other challenges mentioned above, like cravings and legal problems.

Drinking or using drugs during pregnancy can lead to birth defects and other consequences. If you are pregnant or might become pregnant and live with a substance use disorder, access to medication-assisted treatment can help you have a safer and healthier pregnancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the success rate of MAT?

MAT is highly effective. Studies show that MAT reduces your likelihood of death from substance abuse by more than 50%. MAT is also linked to positive outcomes such as reduced risk of relapse and improved chances of staying in treatment. In some cases, MAT can aid social and cognitive functioning.

What's the most successful treatment approach for OUD?

The most successful approach for OUD is a combination of medication and psychosocial services, like therapy. The Differents uses a whole-person approach to treatment, with programs that offer extensive evidence-based therapies, recreation and skill-building opportunities, medication, holistic treatments, and aftercare planning.

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