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The Differents

At the pristine nexus of nature and nurture, set against the idyllic backdrop of Lake Tahoe, lies a beacon of transformative hope: The Differents.

Our Activity-Based Programming Revolutionizes Recovery

It’s a sanctuary not just for those seeking respite from addiction, but for anyone longing for a life reimagined. The Differents’ unparalleled approach towards rehab and recovery places it on a pedestal in the vast arena of treatment centers, embodying the mantras: “Rehab Reimagined” and “Redesign Your Life”.

The Confluence of Nature & Healing

The mesmerizing expanse of Lake Tahoe doesn’t merely serve as a scenic backdrop at The Differents; it’s interwoven into the very fabric of the treatment paradigm. There’s a profound truth behind the belief that nature heals, and The Differents captures this essence in our activity-based programming.

Activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, paddleboarding, kayaking, and fishing not only foster a bond with nature but also anchor clients to the rhythms of the world outside their struggles. In essence, these activities reignite a passion for the world’s beauty, allowing clients to rediscover purpose and grounding, core tenets of “Reignite Your Passion” and “Rediscover Your Purpose”.

A Tapestry of Experiences & Creative Outlets

Creativity is a salve for the soul. The Differents understands the emotional release embedded in artistic expression, whether it’s through melodies, brush strokes, or innovative designs.

With a music studio, art rooms, and a photography studio equipped with cutting-edge technology, clients are encouraged to let their emotions flow, sculpting them into tangible forms of art. This facet of the program doesn’t simply pass time; it provides an avenue to channel emotions, memories, and aspirations, thus embodying the motto “Redesign Your Life”.

Mind, Body & Spirit

A holistic approach to recovery transcends mere physical treatments. The spirit, often beleaguered and battered, needs healing too. The Differents, with a myriad of meditative and physical disciplines like yoga, offers a trifecta of rejuvenation. As clients find solace in these practices, they’re not just renewing their bodies but their entire beings, echoing the mantra: “Renew Your Body”.

Innovation Unleashed

Gone are the days when therapy was confined to closed rooms and hushed conversations. At The Differents, the expansive fabrication studio with tools like 3D printers and laser & vinyl cutters stand as testimony to the importance of innovation in healing. Clients are transformed from mere participants to creators, proving that rehab can truly be reimagined.

Guided Journeys

Addiction often feels like a labyrinth, where one can easily lose their way. Guided activities, be it therapeutic adventures in Lake Tahoe or intricate crafting in the studio, serve as beacons, ensuring that every individual finds their path and purpose.

Collaborate with Experts

The Differents isn’t just about the facilities or the activities; it’s about the people who guide these processes. Collaborations with experts from diverse fields ensure that the journey remains authentic and enriching. Whether it’s learning jiujitsu from a world champion, or delving into mindfulness with seasoned yoga gurus, or a scientifically based guidance from our nutritionist, the essence of these collaborations is to offer a comprehensive, rounded approach to healing.

Equine Therapy

Rooted in the ancient bond between humans and horses, The Differents’ equine therapy offers clients a unique and transformative avenue for emotional healing. Through guided interactions with these majestic creatures, clients delve into non-verbal communication, trust-building, and self-reflection, fostering profound emotional insights and connections.

Horseback Riding

Set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Tahoe Reno, the Horseback Riding Program developed by The Differents and the Tahoe Reno Equestrian Centre invites clients to not just ride, but to dance in harmony with the horses. Under the expert guidance of seasoned trainers, clients journey through picturesque trails, rediscovering freedom, rhythm, and the unparalleled joy of moving in sync with nature’s magnificent beings.

Winter Adventures

As snow blankets the serene landscapes of Lake Tahoe, The Differents transforms into a winter wonderland, offering exhilarating activities tailored to every skill level. Clients can carve their way down the pristine slopes of Mount Rose Ski Resort, or test their mettle on the challenging terrains of Palisades Tahoe or Kirkwood Ski Resort. For those seeking a gentler pace, Heavenly Mountain offers scenic snowshoeing trails in addition to expert terrain, while Northstar Ski Resort is a hub for enchanting ice skating experiences and joyful sledding escapades. Embracing the crisp mountain air and the glittering snow underfoot, clients find rejuvenation, adventure, and a deeper connection to nature’s wondrous seasonal transformations.

Wild Mustang Adventures

Reno’s breathtaking landscape is not just known for its pristine beauty but also for the tens of thousands of wild mustangs that roam its hillsides. Just minutes away from The Differents, these majestic creatures wander freely across vast expanses of public BLM land, offering an unparalleled sight that evokes awe and deep reflection. With our peroperly-equipped vehicles, we venture into hard-to-reach terrains, ensuring that our clients are always presented with the opportunity to witness these noble beasts far from the beaten path. Much like the journey of recovery, observing and being in the presence of wild mustangs serves as a spiritual reminder of the importance of freedom, resilience, and the profound beauty that can be discovered when we re-connect with the world around us.

Shoot Some Hoops

Our NBA regulation basketball court is not just a place to shoot hoops; it’s an arena to rediscover passion and discipline. Whether you’re brushing up on old skills or starting from scratch, our available private coach ensures you get the guidance and support needed to hone your game.

Bowl a Strike

Step into our state-of-the-art two-lane bowling alley where fun meets focus. Whether you’re looking to unwind or sharpen your bowling prowess, our private coach is available to guide, instruct, and elevate your experience. Every strike and spare become a metaphor for knocking down obstacles and making a comeback in life.

Sunrise & Sunsets

At the break of dawn or as dusk falls, our clients embark on transformative journeys, either ascending the tranquil trails or floating on the serene waters of Lake Tahoe. These hikes, or boat rides, offer a profound connection to nature as the first rays of the sun paint the landscape or as the world transitions into twilight. Immersed in such magnificence, one can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of awe and gratitude. The gentle hues, rhythmic sounds, and vast expanse provide not only relaxation but also a deep, healing communion with the world, anchoring our souls and reminding us of the boundless beauty that exists beyond our struggles.

Spa-Level Pampering

Amidst the journey of rediscovery and renewal, The Differents understands the power of feeling and looking one’s best. Our exclusive partnerships with top-tier beauty professionals ensures that our clients can indulge in a range of exquisite pampering services, from rejuvenating facials to luxurious massages. Whether it’s a refreshing haircut, a soothing manicure and pedicure session, or a revitalizing facial, we offer it all, ensuring every individual feels cherished, radiant, and confident, further enhancing the holistic approach to recovery and self-love.

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Profound Therapeutic Impacts

The Differents believes in the therapeutic potential of its activities. Each endeavor, whether physically taxing or emotionally draining, instills discipline, resilience, and an invigorated enthusiasm for life. These activities and skills become channels through which individuals voice their fears, aspirations, and dreams, crafting tangible markers of their recovery journey. Moreover, these activities bridge the existential void often accentuating addiction. They become vibrant replacements, channeling the time, energy, and resources once lost to addiction into avenues that invigorate and inspire. 

More than a recovery center, The Differents is a living anthology of human resilience. Every individual is a chapter, narrating tales of reconnection, rediscovery, and resurgence. From those who’ve returned to nature’s embrace after prolonged estrangements to those who’ve sculpted masterpieces in the facility’s studios, The Differents is a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Activities and Therapies Offered at The Differents:

… and a myriad of other tailored experiences, designed to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

The Differents is Changing How We Approach Addiction Treatment

The power of The Differents lies in its ethos. It’s a place where the traditional paradigms of rehab are not just questioned but reimagined from the ground up. Their activity-based programming doesn’t merely aim to “keep clients busy”. It’s strategically curated to allow each individual to find their passion, renew their physical and emotional selves, and rediscover a life of purpose outside the shackles of addiction.

In an era where addiction treatment often feels templated, The Differents stands apart, echoing its core beliefs in every client’s journey: “Reignite Your Passion”, “Renew Your Body”, and “Rediscover Your Purpose”. It’s more than a treatment center; it’s a sanctuary for souls seeking a fresh chapter, a life reimagined and redesigned.

See how a new perspective can transform your life.