Carson City Drug Rehab

You’re in luck if you’re looking for a Carson City drug rehab. Located near Carson City, The Differents is not just any treatment center. Our compassionate, modern approach and small client-to-staff ratio means that clients at The Differents get care that sincerely meets the mark. So, what should you know?

Why Does Professional Rehab Matter?

In 2022, studies showed that over 20 million Americans suffer from a substance use disorder. If you are one of those people, professional treatment can be a lifesaver.

Treatment that looks at you as a whole person and carefully assists you in rebuilding your life can help you overcome it. 

Sometimes, choosing to go to rehab can be tough. Our Reno drug rehab programs can help you get care without some of the worries that might come with going to another treatment center. While clients attending many other treatment centers fear losing their privacy, we have single-room suites for clients who opt to live at The Differents while in their program. Similarly, our philosophy focuses on building a sense of community, which promotes positive outcomes in addiction research. Sustainable recovery is achieved by helping you build a sustainable life you love. 

Every client at The Differents will get an individualized treatment plan with therapies, treatments, skill-building, and recreation activities that will enhance their lives. Our 1:3 staff-to-client ratio means that your care team will get to know you personally throughout the course of treatment, another factor unique to The Differents. 

Clients seeking a Carson City drug rehab may commute to The Differents on treatment days if they live nearby under some circumstances. Still, single-room lodging is available if you prefer or feel that you could benefit from living on-site. Clients living on-site must attend at least twelve hours of groups and at least one individual therapy session per week.

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Carson City Addiction Treatment Options

The Differents has a full continuum of care and flexible treatment programs that can be adjusted to fit your dual diagnosis and addiction treatment needs. Each treatment option or level of care has a different time commitment and level of intensity. Here are our services and a little bit about what each entails. To see a sample treatment schedule, please get in touch with our admissions staff.

Withdrawal Management

Getting off of substances can come with uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Our withdrawal management program is designed to detoxify your body and help you safely discontinue drug and alcohol use. Throughout the withdrawal management process, you will experience the utmost privacy and benefit from 24/7 medical supervision from staff. Usually, withdrawal management or detox is short-term and functions as a precursor to another level of care. 

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization is the most intensive kind of outpatient care. Also called PHP or partial day treatment, our partial hospitalization program supports addiction treatment care. Still, clients return home to our sober living spaces after treatment each day. Partial hospitalization consists of a rich selection of groups, at least one individual therapy session per week, meditation and journaling, skill-building opportunities, recreation, and other treatments or services. Fun activities like movie and game nights, arts and crafts, music, sports, and hiking allow clients to build an extraordinary sober life for themselves. 

PHP clients can expect a full treatment schedule Monday-Saturday. If you live on-site, this may be considered residential inpatient. 

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient is one step below PHP in intensity. The main distinction between an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and a partial hospitalization program is the required time commitment. IOP requires fewer weekly treatment hours, but clients will still engage in regular groups, individual therapy sessions, and other treatments or activities outlined in their personal treatment plan. Some clients start with IOP, but for others, it is a step-down form of care that helps them transition from PHP to everyday life. 

With increased flexibility, IOP clients can engage in work, school, or other external obligations while in treatment, which would not typically be possible in PHP or residential inpatient. 


Aftercare sets you up for success after treatment. The Differents offers a range of aftercare services, including but not limited to referrals for providers in your area who can help you continue getting care and support, virtual peer groups, and relapse prevention biometric wearables. Nevada residents can get continued individual therapy with the therapist they saw in a treatment program at The Differents. All clients build an aftercare plan before graduating from their treatment program.

Get Substance Abuse Treatment in Carson City

Contact The Differents today if you’re ready to find a Carson City drug rehab with effective treatment programs and luxury amenities. Our client-focused approach to treatment is ideal for those seeking whole-person healing and long-term recovery. To get in touch, call The Differents at (800) 988-5804 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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What Makes The Differents Unique?

What else makes The Differents, unlike other addiction treatment centers? Our luxury addiction treatment facilities will exceed your expectations compared to any other drug rehab center in Carson City or nearby areas. We are dedicated to providing all-encompassing healing for clients and making the treatment experience special. With that said, here are just some of the features and amenities that make The Differents unique. 


The Differents Carson City drug rehab offers clients a range of wellness services to support the body, mind, and soul. At our presidential wellness suite, clients can opt into infusions for vitamins, electrolytes, and more. Other wellness services and alternative or holistic treatments we offer include but aren’t limited to the following. 

  • Sports medicine
  • Private trainers
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • MeRT/TMS
  • Meditation
  • Sound bath
  • Energy work
  • Massage
  • Pilates 
  • Yoga

Evidence-Based Treatments 

We maintain small group sizes for group therapy and provide couples and family therapy alongside your standard weekly schedule of treatment groups and individual therapy sessions. Providers at The Differents have a diverse range of specialties. We use extensive research-backed traditional and holistic treatments, including but not limited to the following.

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • Adventure therapy
  • Horticulture therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Mindfulness
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • EMDR

Skill-Building Opportunities 

Building new skills can enhance your life long-term and lead to cognitive benefits that support your well-being and recovery. Here are some of the skill-building opportunities offered in our workshop space on-site. 

  • Painting
  • Culinary
  • Woodworking
  • Photography
  • Art classes

On-Site Activities 

The Differents offers a range of on-site recreation activities, including but not limited to those listed below. We also offer extensive outdoor activities and take clients on fun outings throughout treatment.

  • Full court basketball
  • Bowling alley
  • Weight room
  • Virtual reality
  • Table tennis
  • Pickleball
  • Gaming
  • Boxing
  • Billiards

How Community-Based Intensive Outpatient Aides Long-Term Healing

Community support plays a vital role in the success of IOP addiction treatment. The Differents recognizes this and actively encourages clients to engage with various community resources and support groups.

Support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), provide individuals with a safe space to share their experiences, gain support from others who have walked a similar path, and develop meaningful relationships with peers in recovery. These groups offer a sense of belonging and accountability that can be instrumental in maintaining sobriety.

The Differents collaborates with local organizations and community partners to offer additional resources and support. This may include vocational training programs, educational workshops, and assistance with housing and employment.

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