San Jose Drug Rehab

Located nearby in Reno, Nevada, The Differents is not just any treatment center. Learn more about what sets our treatment programs apart.

San Jose Drug Rehab

If you’re currently searching for a San Jose drug rehab, you likely know what a big decision it is. You want to ensure that you’re choosing a drug rehab center in San Jose or nearby that’s going to meet all of your needs holistically. Recovery is a long-term process that you work toward, and an addiction treatment center should be your partner along the way. With that in mind, we encourage you to consider The Differents.

We aren’t a San Jose addiction treatment center, but we are relatively close by and within driving distance. Our Reno, Nevada, treatment center is near the Sierra Nevada mountains, giving you a serene place for reflection and introspection as you begin the course of your new life, free from substance use and addiction.

As you’re comparing your options for a San Jose drug rehab, we encourage you to contact our team to learn more about our detoxification, inpatient and outpatient programs.

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Holistic Addiction Treatment in Nevada

The Differents takes a distinctive approach to treating addiction. We create individualized programs for the whole person. Some of the many elements of our programs that could be part of your personal treatment plan include:

  • Infusion therapy provides you with the nutrients to feel better as you’re going through detox and beginning recovery.
  • Skills development that you can apply in your daily life outside of treatment.
  • Private, holistic-based therapy sessions, including acupuncture, massage and meditation.
  • Onsite recreational activities promote health and physical and mental engagement and keep you active.
  • Evidence-based mental health practices include trauma therapy, family therapy, TMS, CBT and EMDR.
  • Outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and fishing at nearby Mt. Rose and Lake Tahoe.

These are just a few examples of our holistic approaches to treating addiction. We encourage you to look beyond substance abuse treatment in San Diego and think about traveling for care at our private and serene Nevada rehab center.

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Treatment Programs at The Differents

Our services and levels of treatment at The Differents include:

In MAT, an evidence-based approach, you might receive FDA-approved medications to treat withdrawal and craving symptoms. If you’re struggling with an alcohol or opioid use disorder, MAT may be part of your recovery plan. These medications are combined with therapy and other treatment approaches.

There are several medications available for alcohol use disorders that can be used in the short- or long-term. Options include naltrexone, acamprosate, and disulfiram. Medications for opioid use disorder can relieve cravings, normalize your body functions and brain chemistry or block the euphoric effects of opioids. Examples of medications for OUD include methadone, naltrexone and buprenorphine.

An often necessary first step in recovery from substance abuse withdrawal management is a medically supervised environment that reduces potential medical complications. Our withdrawal management services at The Differents also help with physical discomfort, cravings and psychological distress. The goal of a medically supervised detox is to help you get through withdrawal as safely and comfortably as possible, increasing the likelihood of long-term recovery and abstinence.

The most intensive treatment option, an inpatient program at our Reno center, is residential, meaning you live onsite. The environment is carefully scheduled and structured, providing a comprehensive, intensive approach to addiction treatment.

Inpatient treatment at The Differents includes around-the-clock support and care from addiction treatment experts. The structured approach and daily routine include different sessions and therapeutic activities that facilitate the development of healthy habits and coping mechanisms. These are necessary for long-term recovery.

The Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP at The Differents is a comprehensive but also adaptable treatment approach. Our partial-day program includes a combination of evidence-based and holistic care to help empower you to overcome addiction and rebuild your life. There are many similarities between inpatient treatment and a PHP at our Nevada rehab center, but you can return home in the evenings after a PHP or to a sober living house.

In a PHP, there are still holistic-based approaches to treatment, treatment plans that are specific and tailored to each individual, and aftercare and relapse prevention strategies.

If you are looking for substance abuse treatment in San Jose but are willing to travel for a PHP, we can also arrange sober living.

An intensive outpatient program or IOP at our luxury addiction treatment center provides flexibility as you reenter your daily life and explore the use of your coping mechanisms in real-life situations. At the same time, you stay connected with our center, your treatment plan and our resources. You could begin treatment with an IOP if you have a milder addiction or you can’t commit to full-time residential treatment because of other obligations. An IOP can also be a lower intensity level after you complete residential treatment.

An IOP at The Difference includes group therapy, individual counseling and a variety of evidence-based treatment techniques. The focus is on overall wellness as well as addressing the addiction.

The most flexible program at The Differents is outpatient rehab. You continue to receive care while living at home. You visit our Reno outpatient drug rehab center for scheduled sessions to learn strategies for dealing with cravings and triggers. Outpatient rehab also helps you to learn more about your relapse warning signs and relapse prevention strategies.

While we aren’t a San Jose drug rehab, we are a few hours away, and even if you’re participating in an outpatient program with us, we can help you with sober living. Our sober living facility offers resort-like amenities such as yoga, meditation, equine therapy, nutrition plans, and classes. We also offer IV vitamin infusions, fitness facilities, nearby hiking trail access, recreational activities and views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Traveling for Rehab at The Differents

If you’re searching for a San Jose drug rehab program, we encourage you to step outside of your home environment for treatment whenever possible. We are reachable by car in around four hours from San Jose. This gives you the chance to get a fresh start, free from your environment of substance use. Leaving home for your initial treatment helps you put a physical and mental distance between yourself and your drug or alcohol addiction and focus solely on your recovery.

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Drug Rehab Near San Jose at
The Differents

No matter where you are personally in your journey, we encourage you to contact our compassionate, expert team at The Differents. Maybe you’re just beginning to explore treatment options or think about getting help, or you could be at the point where you want to take that first step. No matter the situation you’re in, we can help, so reach out to learn more.

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