Santa Cruz Drug Rehab

Located near Santa Cruz, The Differents is not just any treatment center. Our compassionate, modern approach and small client-to-staff ratio means that clients at The Differents get care that sincerely meets the mark.

Santa Cruz Drug Rehab

Addiction is a serious, chronic disease that almost always requires professional treatment. When you’re grappling with a substance use disorder, the treatment program you choose is of the utmost importance. Not all programs will be the same regarding their approach to the quality of care they provide. If you’re looking for a drug rehab near Santa Cruz, The Differents may be able to help.

The Differents is not located in Santa Cruz, but we are reasonably close, located at the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, within minutes from Lake Tahoe. We understand the gravity of providing life-saving addiction treatment services. Our integrated programs pair innovative approaches and emerging technologies with holistic and complementary strategies to heal you at the deepest level.

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The Importance of Professional Treatment for Addiction

Addiction, since it is such a complex and impactful disease, requires professional treatment. When someone uses substances, it affects them mentally and physically. It can trigger or worsen mental health disorders, affect the brain’s function and structure, and it can cause serious adverse health effects. Substance use disorders also break down relationships and a person’s entire quality of life.

These many effects are why professional treatment is essential—there are both psychological and physical components of addiction. It’s not about willpower or character, and professional treatment is designed to address how multifaceted addiction is.

Other reasons professional treatment is needed to begin your recovery journey include:

  • There may be withdrawal symptoms that occur when someone stops using substances. These symptoms can be severe and possibly dangerous. Professional treatment often includes a medically supervised detoxification for the safe management of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Many people with an addiction disorder have underlying mental health disorders contributing to their substance misuse. A professional treatment program can include therapeutic interventions to address these underlying issues, like depression, anxiety or trauma.
  • Going to a professional addiction treatment program provides access to evidence-based approaches. An evidence-based approach is a therapeutic intervention that’s been researched and clinically proven effective. Evidence-based approaches for treating addiction can include cognitive-behavioral therapy, contingency management and motivational interviewing, as well as others.
  • Addiction treatment in a professional setting provides structured support in an environment conducive to recovery. Within a structured setting, individuals can create new routines and coping mechanisms and build social connections that contribute to their recovery.
  • Medication management may be needed, which can be provided and monitored in a professional treatment setting. Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, helps to manage cravings and reduce the risk of relapse, supporting the recovery process.

As you’re comparing Santa Cruz addiction treatment options, consider a program like The Differents. We provide a luxury environment that’s relatively close to Santa Cruz but still far enough away that you can give yourself the mental and physical space from your active addiction to begin healing.

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Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment near Santa Cruz

For many people who have a substance use disorder, a continuum of care approach works well to meet all of their needs. Rather than participating in one type of care, such as just going to residential rehab, they follow a continuum, stepping down into less intensive programs as they’re ready.

At The Differents, an ideal option if you’re seeking substance abuse treatment in Santa Cruz or nearby, we offer different care levels.

Withdrawal Management

The Differents offers withdrawal management. This critical first step in recovering from drug and alcohol misuse reduces potential medical complications. A supervised detox program can also help alleviate physical and psychological discomfort, distress, and cravings. These are critical because they will help raise the likelihood of a successful long-term recovery.

During withdrawal management, the clinical team at The Differents offers services tailored to the needs of the individual. These can include medical support, blood tests, infusion therapies, nutrition support and more. Withdrawal management helps stabilize a person’s physical condition so they can move on to the next treatment step.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

A PHP is a day program that offers evidence-based and holistic care but is less intensive than residential rehab. PHP at The Differents is still structured and comprehensive, addressing the specific challenges people face during their recovery.

While The Differents does not offer inpatient addiction treatment services, we do offer sober housing for those in need while they are enrolled in our PHP or IOP addiction treatment programs. This allows clients to focus on their recovery away from potential stressors or triggers in an outside environment.

Intensive Outpatient

An outpatient program can be one that someone participates in once they’ve completed higher levels of care and are ready to return to daily living, but they still need support. It can also be a starting place for someone with a milder addiction. Intensive outpatient programs provide an in-depth approach to recovery, but they’re flexible.

While participating in an IOP, it’s possible to continue meeting home, work or school obligations but still receive treatment. This flexibility is excellent for someone unable to commit to a full-time residential program.

Intensive outpatient programs at The Differents include a safe, supportive environment with individual counseling and group therapy. There are opportunities to gain insights into your addiction and develop effective coping strategies. You’re encouraged to engage in holistic activities such as yoga and meditation during this time.

While we aren’t a Santa Cruz drug rehab, The Differents is within driving distance in Reno.

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The Differents treatment program is rooted in a dual-diagnosis philosophy. This is one of the many elements of our programs that set us apart. We work to identify, diagnose and then treat the root causes of substance misuse, which are often related to mental health conditions. During dual diagnosis treatment, clients receive mental health care at the same time as they are undergoing addiction treatment.

As you look for quality, proven Santa Cruz drug rehab, we encourage you to consider our Reno center instead. We offer the highest level of care every step of the way and support to ensure that your goals as an individual are met throughout treatment. Contact us today to learn more or take the first step.

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