The Benefits of Laughter Therapy in Healing

If you are moving through mental health treatment or treatment for substance abuse, the healing process can at times seem slow, isolating, and challenging. With the right type of treatment program and the right type of therapy, you can add a modern twist to your healing process. How? By capitalizing on the science of laughter. […]

Exploring Expressive Arts Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Scientific research has recently pivoted to the many benefits of holistic programs like expressive arts therapy in addiction recovery. But what is art therapy for addiction? Is it only something for artistic people, and what are its benefits?  What is Expressive Arts Therapy in Addiction Recovery? Addiction recovery art doesn’t need any type of skill […]

The Role of Forgiveness in Addiction Recovery

A woman embraces her mother.

Addiction is a chronic condition, the effects of which can spread from the person with an addiction to their loved ones.  If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, you can increase the chances of recovery by offering and accepting forgiveness.  Why Forgiveness Matters If you don’t forgive yourself, you are more […]