San Francisco Drug Rehab

Located in nearby Reno, Nevada, The Differents is not just any treatment center. Learn more about what sets our treatment programs apart.

San Francisco Drug Rehab

 If you’re looking for a San Francisco drug rehab, it’s important to choose a center that combines compassionate care with evidence-based treatment approaches. The Differents isn’t in San Francisco, but we are relatively nearby. Our center is at the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas and just a few minutes from Lake Tahoe. 

While The Differents is not a drug rehab center in San Francisco, it allows you to stay fairly close to home while receiving care in a tranquil, private environment. We offer innovative approaches and integrative care to help you find a life beyond addiction.

Reach out to our team at The Differents if you’d like to learn more about our facility as you compare San Francisco addiction treatment programs and nearby options.

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Withdrawal Management at
The Differents

As you compare your options for a drug rehab center in San Francisco or nearby, one of the first things to look for is a program offering a medically managed detoxification. When you’re dependent on drugs or alcohol and stop using them, you’re likely to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Symptoms of withdrawal can be mild, moderate or severe. This depends on many factors like your substance use patterns, individual health and the substance itself. Dealing with withdrawal on your own can be challenging and contribute to relapse. In some situations, it can lead to medical complications.

During withdrawal management at The Differents, we help you go through withdrawal safely and effectively under medical supervision. We offer many detox services which are tailored to your individual needs. For example, withdrawal treatment at our center might include blood tests, infusion therapies, nutritional support and prescribing of medications for symptoms.

While we aren’t a San Francisco drug rehab, we are within driving distance from the city and deliver multiple levels of attentive care in a private environment.

We are here to make a difference. Request a confidential callback from our team right now.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Our luxury drug rehab in Nevada is our most intensive option. A residential program is the most effective way to address severe addictions, and you can focus entirely on your recovery away from stress, triggers and the demands of daily life. This time away is the best way to build a foundation for a sustainable recovery once you leave The Differents. We’re committed to providing each person with compassionate, empathetic and professional care.

Benefits of inpatient treatment at The Differents include:

  • The environment is safe and controlled, free from the temptations and distractions of the outside world. This secure environment is necessary so that you have the space you need to heal and grow during a vulnerable time.
  • Inpatient treatment gives you a structured routine each day, filled with therapeutic sessions and activities. You begin to build health habits and coping mechanisms as a result, and you can then carry these into your long-term recovery.
  • You have a wide range of therapeutic programs available to you during residential rehab. Your individualized treatment plan might include group and individual counseling, behavioral therapy and holistic treatments.
  • During your time with us at The Differents, you’ll get the opportunity to build a peer support network of people going through similar experiences.

We know your journey to recovery will be different from anyone else’s. As a boutique treatment center and a nearby option, if you’re seeking a San Francisco drug rehab, we encourage you to connect with our team to learn more about our programs.

Levels of Outpatient Care

A partial hospitalization program or PHP at The Differents is a step down in intensity from residential treatment, but there are a lot of similarities between the two programs. Also known as a partial day program, our Reno, Nevada PHPs are designed to empower you to overcome addiction and rebuild your life.

Our partial hospitalization includes the following benefits:

  • They include tailor-made treatment plans that we design only after doing a thorough assessment to determine all of your needs.
  • We realize how intertwined the mind, body and spirit are. As part of that, our treatment programs, including PHPs, integrate holistic approaches like yoga, mindfulness, meditation and art therapy into evidence-based therapies. A holistic approach helps empower you for personal growth and emotional healing, supporting your overall recovery experience.
  • At The Differents, we take a strength-based approach. This means we focus on your personal strengths, with an understanding that adversity and trauma can become a source of resilience and opportunity.
  • PHPs with us at our Reno rehab center include aftercare and relapse prevention planning.

IOPs are less intensive than PHPs but more so than traditional outpatient rehab. During an IOP with us, you can begin to reintegrate into your daily life but still have the opportunity to maintain a solid support system and therapeutic interventions.

An IOP allows you to keep up with your responsibilities at school, home or work, and group therapy, individual counseling, and other evidence-based treatment strategies help you gain insight into your addiction and develop coping skills.

Our IOP treatments focus on addressing your addiction, but also the promotion of overall wellness, and you are encouraged to engage in holistic activities to promote your sense of inner peace and reconnect with your body.

Our most flexible level of care is an outpatient program. Outpatient treatment gives you the tools and support needed to overcome addiction. It often serves as a bridge between the structure of inpatient treatment and the independence of a sustainable, lifelong recovery. You’ll learn strategies to deal with cravings and triggers and how to identify relapse warning signs early on. Outpatient rehab facilitates support as you navigate challenges in your recovery and life in general.

If you’re not sure which level of care is right for you, or you’re just starting your search for a San Francisco drug rehab or nearby facility, we can help.

We are here to help.

How to Get to The Differents from
San Francisco

If you’re seeking substance abuse treatment in San Francisco, The Differents is just a few hours away by car in Reno. We often encourage people to leave their home cities or towns and even their states for treatment. Getting out of your home environment during the earliest days of treatment and recovery can help you gain a new perspective and put distance between you and your addiction.

The Differents is a luxury center with private accommodations in a scenic location with resort-like amenities. When you come to us to begin your recovery, you have acres of outdoor space to relax and breathe as you work through the treatment process.

Our team is available to answer your questions or help you take the next step if you’re ready. Contact The Differents today.

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